Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

All You Need to Know About Marquise Shaped Diamonds and Marquise Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

Learn about the marquise shaped diamond: its history, the hidden benefits of having a marquise shaped diamond for your engagement ring and what to look out for.

What Is A Marquise Shaped Diamond?

A marquise shaped diamond is a cut of diamond that closely resembles a football. The unique shape of a marquise is a striking choice for any ring wearer. With two orientations at play (traditional North-South or more modern and edgy East-West), the marquise can sit north-south like a skyscraper, or east-west like a puckered pair of lips. This shape allegedly originated from King Louis XV commissioned a diamond to be cut to resemble the lips of his lover, Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, Marquise of Pompadour in the 1700s.

Marquise cut diamonds feature an elongated elliptical shape with a point on either end. This elongated shape is attributed to making the hand of the wearer look slender and longer, a desirable effect for an engagement ring. As a bonus, the elongated shape allows the diamond to look bigger than its actual carat weight, making it look much larger than it actually is. Selecting a marquise shape for your engagement ring is a great way to save money and get more value for your center diamond.

Celebrities Who Wear Marquise Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

Many celebrities choose the marquise shaped diamond for their engagement rings. Stars such as Catherine Zeta-Jones, Portia de Rossi, Ashlee Simpson, Christina Millian, and many other celebrities selected this unique look for their engagement rings and its unique silhouette is immediately recognizable and its proportions take the cake as far as maximizing finger coverage.

The Four C’s For Marquise Shaped Diamonds

Carat Weight On A Marquise Shaped Diamond

If you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, this stone is certainly the way to go. Marquise cut diamonds have one of the largest crown surface areas of any diamond shape, meaning that it will look larger than other stones with similar carat weight.

Color On A Marquise Shaped Diamond

Marquise shaped diamonds tend to show true to their color gradings, so be sure you work with a professional who can properly assess the stone for you. As with all diamonds, how warm you want the stone to be is a matter of personal preference and you can make use of your setting to help elevate the color of your stone.

Clarity On A Marquise Shaped Diamond

Marquise shaped diamonds do tend to hide inclusions well, thanks to their brilliant cut facet pattern. This will help free up your budget to put toward the C’s that will be visible to your naked eye.

Cut On A Marquise Shaped Diamond

There aren’t really any downsides to getting a marquise shaped diamond for your engagement ring, but something to look out for with marquise cut diamonds is the negative effect of bow ties. Bowties are a naturally occurring phenomenon in elongated shapes like ovals and pears. This is not something that you would be able to see by just looking at a certificate of a diamond or just by looking at its dimensions.

The best part about marquise is their wide variance. There really isn't an ideal length to width ratio, and you should really let personal preference dictate what you are looking for. No matter the length to width ratio, what you need to focus on is symmetry. Ideally, you want both points in line with one another, and the gentle lunette shape of the marquise to be smooth and consistent.

Things To Look Out For With A Marquise Shaped Diamond

One thing you need to pay attention to with marquise shaped diamonds is something called the bow tie effect. The bow tie effect in these shapes of diamonds makes a small black “bow tie” appear in the middle of the stone. Even though it doesn’t hurt the stone, it’s not a particularly pleasing aesthetic and in order to make sure your stone does not have it, each individual marquise diamond must be examined by an industry professional. All of our marquise shaped diamonds are hand-inspected by our diamond experts to ensure they don’t possess a strongly visible bow-tie effect.

Orientation of a Marquise Shaped Diamond

It's vitally important that your marquise cut diamond is set in a way that protects the structural integrity of the stone. The tips of the diamond should be well protected by v-tip prongs to ensure that it doesn't get chipped while it accidentally gets hit. All of the diamond engagement rings from Concierge Diamonds are designed with the safety of the center stone in mind. Work with our designers to ensure that your vision is executed in the safest way possible.

Marquise Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring Designs

The marquise shaped diamond lends itself to very creative engagement ring designs. Below are some examples of of rings we’ve recently made for our marquise shaped diamond ring clients.

If you’ve decided that a marquise shaped diamond engagement ring is right for you, contact us today for a free consultation!

Want to see more? Check out our videos of marquise shaped diamonds we’ve worked with.
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