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HOW TO CLEAN Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands During the Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak

This video explains how to properly clean your fine jewelry without causing damage.

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, we're all finding ourselves a little disoriented at the moment. We recognize that the things that matter the most at the moment are our loved ones and keeping them safe.

To that end, we're all washing our hands a LOT more often and using hand sanitizer to prevent the spread of this virus. While washing your hands with soap and water is perfectly safe for your engagement rings and wedding bands, using harsh chemicals like household cleaners and bleach will cause damage, as will excessive use of hand sanitizer.

We're not advocating using less hand sanitizer, but if you can, remove your rings before you apply the sanitizer and let it dry before placing your engagement rings and wedding bands back on your hands.

Also be sure to clean your rings at home, as germs and bacteria can get trapped in little crevices in your ring and in-between your fingers.

We made this short video below to give you our best advice on how to clean your engagement rings at home without damaging them.

If you have any questions, we're still working with our clients remotely and conducting consultations and answering questions. If you need anything, feel free to email us at or DM us on any of our social media channels.

From all of us at Concierge Diamonds, we wish you good health as we get through this together.
HOW TO CLEAN Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands During the Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak
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Stop Wearing Rings During COVID-19
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