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How To Get a Lower Price on Anything: Including Diamonds, Engagement Rings & Fine Jewelry!

Never pay full price for cable, electronics or cars or DIAMONDS and ENGAGEMENT RINGS ever again.

Dan Moran, founder of Concierge Diamonds in the Los Angeles Jewelry District is well-known around the world for his advice on buying and creating custom engagement rings. He's worked with thousands of clients to create the perfect engagement ring and GO Banking Rates and Yahoo! Finance recently asked him for his top money saving tips on how to save money on a diamond and a diamond engagement ring.

Read part of the interview below and for more tips, read the full article!

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How do you get the lowest prices on diamond jewelry & engagement rings?

Shop Wholesale To Get the Lowest Price on Diamond Jewelry and Engagement Rings

“Don’t buy an engagement ring retail — work with a diamond dealer or wholesaler and skip the middleman,” said Dan Moran, diamond expert, private jeweler and founder of Concierge Diamonds. “Buying retail means you pay retail price. This goes for online stores as well as traditional brick and mortar jewelry stores.”

Moran also shared additional ways to save on an engagement ring.“Have your engagement ring custom made,” he said. “It’s counterintuitive, but having a ring custom made is often cheaper than buying a pre-existing one. You won’t be paying for stones or design features you don’t want, and you get it exactly the way you want it. Work with an expert — don’t just trust the guy behind the counter at a big box store or some bot on a website. Find a genuine expert in diamonds. That person will have a lower cost basis (experts are better at buying diamonds!), and can pass on the savings to you.”

If you're ready to create the custom engagement ring of your dreams, schedule a free consultation today!

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