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Introducing Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Rings from Concierge Diamonds

What is a Hidden Halo on a Diamond Engagement Ring?

A hidden halo diamond engagement ring is the perfect type of engagement ring for someone who wants a little something extra on their engagement ring but wants to be discreet about the details. Hidden halos are the perfect way to achieve both the classic solitaire look with the added elevation of a diamond halo.

A hidden halo on an engagement ring can be in a variety of positions underneath the top of the center stone in the engagement ring.

A hidden halo should not be confused with a traditional halo for an engagement ring. A traditional diamond halo (or other semi-precious gemstone) circles the top of the center stone and is used to make the center diamond appear bigger and brighter.

A hidden halo, however, goes on the underside of the center stone, or wraps around the basket of the ring.

A hidden halo can be made of diamonds or another gemstone, depedning on the preference of the wearer.

Hidden halos became a popular engagement ring trend in 2019 and have only become more in-demand the more people learn about this unique style.

Browse our collection of hidden halo diamond engagement rings and decide of a hidden halo on your engagement ring is the right design for you!

Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Rings from Concierge Diamonds

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