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October's Birthstone: Beautiful Opals and Tourmaline!

Opals are a beautiful, relatively affordable gemstone, but be aware of the risks involved when wearing opal jewelry! Similarly, tourmaline can come in a variety of colors. Which is right for you?

October Opals


One of October's birthstones is the beautiful, iridescent opal gemstone. Opals symbolize faithfulness and confidence. Opals are also given on the 14th wedding anniversary.

While the opal gemstone is wonderful for earrings, lovers of this gemstone should be aware that they are not ideally suited for rings and other pieces of jewelry that are subjected to daily wear and tear.

The reason for that is because opals register as some of the softest stones on the MOH's hardness scale. Their soft composition leaves them vulnerable to being damaged if they are accidentally knocked about. If you must insist on wearing opal jewelry, be sure that the stones are designed in settings that will protect them from wear and tear and other factors like oil, dirt, makeup and other pieces of jewelry.

To protect your opals, store them separately from other pieces of jewelry to avoid being accidentally scratched.

October Tourmaline

Pink and green tourmaline
Pink and green tourmaline

The other gemstone associated with October's birthstones is tourmaline. Tourmaline is rated higher on the Moh's hardness scale and is generally considered suitable for everyday wear, unlike the opal.

Tourmaline can come in a variety of colors. The word "tourmaline" is actually Sinhalese and means “stone with mixed colors". This is because one tourmaline gemstone can have multiple colors in it!

It's often mistaken for other semi-precious gemstones like rubies and emeralds and is commonly given on the eight wedding anniversary.

Want your own piece of opal or tourmaline jewelry? Contact us at info@conciergediamond.com to design something for yourself or a loved one!

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