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Top Proposal Tips: How to Pull Off the Perfect Proposal & What NOT to Do

For those of you planning on proposing soon, you're no doubt scouring the internet for tips on how to pull of the perfect proposal. We've helped thousands of clients create the perfect engagement ring and we've heard thousands of proposal stories and seen thousands of proposal photos! We're putting our experience to work for you and giving you our best advice on how to pull of the perfect proposal.

Top Proposal Tips to Have the Perfect Proposal (and what NOT to do!)

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Top Proposal Tip 1: Hire A Photographer

If you want to capture the moment, make sure you plan this way in advance of when you want to propose. Be sure that if you use someone you and your significant other know, that they keep their distance and are not spotted, otherwise they will ruin the surprise. Likewise, if you hire a professional to capture you on bended knee asking for your love's hand in matrimony, make sure they do not follow you like a creeper and skieve your SO out. Nothing ruins a romantic moment faster than being weirded out by a rando tailing your every move! How to pull it off: Make sure that you have a place in mind where you want to pop the question and that the person tasked with capturing the moment is there in advance of you. Likewise, be sure that they remain out of sight and have scouted the area in advance of you asking the question so they can set up in advance of your arrival and capture the moment.

Top Proposal Tip 2: Make Sure They'll Say Yes

This one is a bit of a no-brainer, but we've seen it all in this business. Make sure that the person you're planning on proposing to actually wants to get married. Nothing can be quite as devastating than getting a "no" at the end of that question. Be sure that you're not using marriage as a way to "fix" anything else that may or may not be broken in the relationship and have "the talk" well before you plan on popping the question. This isn't like buying a new sweater on Amazon: this is a commitment you will be vowing to honor for the rest of your life. How to pull it off: Be sure you can communicate with your SO and that you're on the same page in terms of the future, aka life goals, views on marriage and longterm plans.

Top Proposal Tip 3: Make The Proposal Personal, Not Trendy

We've all seen the flash mob proposals and they are so dated. But that's not to say that something others consider cliche isn't personal to you! Say you both love baseball and you make arrangements prior to the proposal to have the announcer direct everyone's attention up to the Kiss Cam and to your SO's shock and delight, you propose right then and there. The crowd cheers and your team wins the game. It's a perfect night for you but a nightmare for an introvert. How to pull it off: When you plan your proposal, be sure you plan to do it in an environment where your SO is relaxed and comfortable. If they hate crowds and you take them to a theme park, they'll probably still say yes, but wonder why you took them someplace that made them uncomfortable. This goes without saying but be sure you make your best effort to create their version of a perfect proposal and not just your own. Marriage is about compromise and sacrifice as you are soon to find out.

Top Proposal Tip 4: Determine If You Want A Public, or Private Proposal

In the same vein of determining the best environment to propose in, make sure you honor your SO's wishes by doing it in a private venue if you think the attention from proposing publicly will make them uncomfortable. How to pull it off: Just because you propose in private without the movie soundtrack blaring and strangers cheering you on doesn't mean that your proposal is any less exciting or romantic. In fact, it can be even more romantic when it's just the two of you. Make sure you know your partner well enough before you pop the question to ensure you don't accidentally embarrass them by calling more attention to them than they are used to.

Top Proposal Tip 5: Are you Traveling? Plan Accordingly

Many people like to propose to their SO while on vacation. This is not only an incredibly romantic gesture but a way to ensure that the trip is a trip of a lifetime. But traveling to propose can pose its own drawbacks. Say for example, you're planning on traveling overseas to propose and you need to sneak the ring onto the plane. How do you hide it from your SO and make sure TSA doesn't ruin the surprise? Or what if you accidentally lose the ring? There are a million things that can go wrong, so be sure you double check all of your plans. How to pull it off: Don't hide the ring in your wallet: if you sit on your wallet for hours on a plane, you run the risk of accidentally bending the ring. Instead, remove it from the ring box (which you should place in your checked luggage) and find a place to hide the ring on your person. We've seen clients get an elastic knee brace or wrap and sew a little compartment to the inside of the wrap. As soon as you get through the metal detectors, go to the bathroom and place the ring securely in the compartment on the knee brace or ankle wrap. Make sure you can cross your legs on the plane and that your SO's hand won't accidentally brush up against it and therefore ruin the surprise. Be sure you take out insurance on the ring before you leave too. In the event you get robbed, lose the ring or something else happens, you'll be covered. You can also leave the real ring at home and propose with a fake ring while you're on your trip and then give your SO the real one when you come home.

Top Proposal Tip 6: Have a Backup Plan

Murphy's Law states that if something can go wrong, it will. You should aim to have the perfect proposal but be flexible enough in your plans so that if things don't go 100% correctly or according to schedule, you can still make the moment memorable. How to pull it off: Plan in advance depending on your unique situation. If it looks like rain, pack an umbrella. Give yourself plenty of travel time if it looks like traffic is building. Restaurant reservation cancelled? Have a second one at the ready. Sit with a friend and envision each and every scenario that can go wrong, and how you can manage it before it even becomes the slightest chance of being a reality.
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Top Proposal Tip 7: Use the Hotel

People seem to forget that hotels have this wonderful thing called a "Concierge Service". And what their job is, their literal job, is to make your life easy. This isn't to say that concierge services are free, but using the hotel's concierge service can help you pull of the perfect proposal, especially if you're traveling to a new place and don't speak the language. How to pull it off: Communicate with the hotel in advance of your trip and tell them your intentions. No doubt, they'll be delighted to help you out and thrilled you chose their property to make this the trip of a lifetime.

Top Proposal Tip 8: Don't Overshare on Social Media

This is another no-brainer but in people's excitement, they tend to forget and can overshare. If you want to make sure that your proposal goes off without a hitch and isn't ruined, don't post about it on social media in advance of your proposal and ask those involved to respect your privacy and do the same. How to pull it off: This one is simple: just don't post about it on any social media until after you've asked and they've accepted. Custom Diamond Engagement Rings Los Angeles Custom Made Fine Jewelry Concierge Diamonds best diamond jewelry engagement rings Los Angeles private jeweler reddit diamonds

Top Proposal Tip 9: Determine When You Will Tell Friends and Family - Together

And this brings us to our final proposal tip: determining when you will tell friends and family about your engagement. This is going to be one of the firs things you do as a newly engaged couple: determining when to tell your friends and family. How to pull it off: After the excitement has calmed down and the proposal has been accepted, talk about when you want to break the news to your friends and family and how best to do that. Some close family members, like your parents, may be hurt if they learn about the happy news on social media instead of a phone call, so be sure you make a plan together on how best to break the news. So if you're preparing to propose this year, be sure you do your homework! There's a lot to cover, with topics such as: and of course... There is a lot to consider when designing your future bride's dream engagement ring and it's important to remember that one size does not fit all! We always recommend working with a private jeweler who can custom-make a ring for you, therefore allowing you to save money by not spending it on elements of the ring you do not want. You can also save money by working with a private jeweler who can save you money on both the diamond and the ring, because they are not retail! If you'd like to learn more about that, feel free to contact us! Our diamond advice is free.
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