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Wedding Bands for Men: Platinum, White Gold, Yellow Gold or Black Gold - How to Choose the Right Wedding Band for You

How to Design A Men's Wedding Band

Custom symbols can be engraved on your piece of fine jewelry and engagement rings from Concierge Diamonds in Los Angeles.
We make so many engagement rings and wedding rings for women that we don't pay nearly enough attention to the other half of this equation: designing a wedding band for the groom! That's why we've decided to dedicate an entire post to our grooms and discuss wedding bands for you. Read on for the differences in metal, how to decide if a comfort fit band or flush fit band is right for you

How to select the right wedding band for you

Like ladies' engagement rings, the design of your wedding band should reflect your personal taste. Are you more reserved in your tastes? Do you like a wilder sense of fashion? Do you like to mix your metals? All of these things are going to be important when determining what kind of wedding band you should select.
Mens' Wedding Bands Can be Made in All Different Styles

Men's Comfort Fit Wedding Band vs Men's Flush Fit Wedding Band

One of the questions you need to answer for yourself is whether or not you'd prefer a "flush" fit wedding band or a "comfort" fit wedding. If you do not know the difference between the two, here is a visual example to help you:

Men's Flush Fit Wedding Band in Platinum

The design of a flush fit wedding band is like piping and sits "flush" against your skin.

Men's Comfort Fit Wedding Band in Yellow Gold

The design of a comfort fit wedding band bows a little more and is more rounded in shape. This design is considered the "classic" style of men's wedding band. This particular design has been further customized with an engraving of the client's choice.

Deciding Which Style is Right for You

Before you meet with your jeweler you should have an idea of what you would like your wedding band to look like. If you are unsure about the style of comfort fit versus flush fit, try on some sample rings at their office to see the difference in how they sit on your skin. Once you determine which style is right for you, you and your jeweler can get to work designing the ring, selecting the metal and further customizing your ring with engraving, accent stones or other design elements. Still not sure about your design? Take a look at our gallery for inspiration and contact us for a free consultation.

Men's Wedding Band Gallery

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