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What is Engagement Chicken? Does It Work? We Want to Know!

Ever since Megan Markel got engaged to Prince Harry, searches for "engagement chicken" across the internet have spiked.
What is this magical engagement chicken and does it work?
It was said that Prince Harry proposed over a quiet meal of chicken in the couple's home, and the rest, they say, is history. So what is this miracle dish that young women are clamoring to make? Does it really work? We did a little more digging on the internet and found the following:
  • The story originated in 1982 from an editor at Glamour Magazine
  • The chicken was apparently so good, the girl who made it for her boyfriend was engaged a month later
Too good to be true? In case you were wondering, here's the original recipe for Engagement Chicken. Whether or not this magical chicken dish works or not, working with Dan Moran and Concierge Diamonds can save you thousands on an engagement ring and help you get a bigger, better diamond for your budget. Want to learn more? Check out our interview with Rustic Wedding Chic to see how you can get the ring of your dreams at the price they can afford.
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