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What To Do With Your Old Engagement Ring

There's more than one option regarding what to do with your old engagement ring: read on to see which one is right for you!

For one reason or another, you might be considering what to do with your old engagement ring. Perhaps you are upgrading the center stone or the setting due to an upcoming birthday or milestone anniversary, or perhaps you are altering it because you and your significant other have decided to part ways.

What do you do when you no longer say I do?

Whatever your particular situation is, clients upgrading their ring are often left with the question of what to do with their current stone. At Concierge Diamonds, not only do we offer an upgrade policy for most diamonds, but we also work with our clients to create new, custom pieces using their pre-existing stones. We created this blog post specifically for clients looking to repurpose their existing engagement ring into something new!

Read on for some suggestions of how to re-purpose your stone into a new piece of jewelry and see what our other clients have done with their old engagement rings.

Diamond Pendants

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A marquise diamond pendant

One of the most popular ways to re-purpose the stone from an engagement ring would be to create a pendant. A pendant is a great way to display the stone while also introducing a new piece to the clients collection. As a bonus, the client is moving the stone closer to their heart!

Diamond Earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings
Diamond Stud Earrings

Depending on the size of the stone being re-purposed, creating a pair of stud earrings could be an option. This is of course dependent on the number of stones in your existing ring. If there's only one, you could purchase a second stone to match the first one, or introduce new semi-precious stones to create a pair of statement earrings. This option will open the design to limitless options.

Cocktail Rings

Marquis-shaped Ruby & Diamond Cocktail Ring

Creating a custom statement ring has become an increasingly popular way to re-purpose a diamond. The process allows for both the client and the designer to have more creative freedom. Perhaps the goal is to create a cluster of similar diamonds or maybe introduce a colored stone. The possibilities are endless!

We’re seeing that introducing colored stones has become a wildly popular trend for soon-to-be/new mothers.

Cluster Rings

Round Diamond Cluster Floral Fashion Ring with Pink, Yellow and White Diamonds

Diamond cluster rings are an excellent way to take a lot of little stones and turn them into something magnificent! The possibilities for diamond cluster rings are virtually endless. Take a look at some examples we've made for previous clients.

Push Presents

Birthstone rings are a perfect gift option for the special mom in your life.

What's a "push present"? A push present is a gift that is given to an expectant mother, typically by the father but it can also be given to the mom-to-be by another friend or relative, such as an in-law or parent.

If the client is in the market for a ‘push present’ we suggest pairing the preexisting stone with the child’s birthstone.

These stackable birthstone rings are one of the most popular push-presents we make for our clients!


Diamond Studs
Concierge Diamonds Diamond Bracelet

Re-purposing a stone to create a custom bracelet is an atypical idea, but nonetheless will result in a striking piece. Bracelets are one of the less common pieces of jewelry used to display a stone but this makes for an exciting opportunity to create something special.

The stone could be displayed alone or paired with other stones including additional diamonds or semi-precious stones. There are many design options when creating a bracelet; you can create a cuff, a chain, a bangle, a link or more. The possibilities are limitless.

So what will you do with your old engagement ring?

The process of upgrading an engagement ring has so many exciting and creative components! When creating a new piece using a pre-existing stone, there truly are limitless options. Whatever you dream up, we can help you bring it to life.

Contact us at or call 213-261-4330 or schedule a free consultation here.

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