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Do You Have a Fake Diamond? Here are some simple ways to see if your diamond is fake or not.

Do You Have A Fake Diamond? Here Are Some Simple Ways To See If Your Diamond Is Fake Or Not.

“If you can see the line, it’s probably a fake diamond,” says Dan Moran, President of Concierge Diamonds.

There are three simple ways to see whether or not you have a fake diamond on your hand: the line test, the weight test and the light test.

The Line Test

What do we mean by “see the line”? It’s actually one of simplest and easiest ways to spot a fake diamond without any technology or having a trained jeweler on hand.

Completing the test is simple to do and takes just a few seconds.

To get started, get a piece of blank paper. Draw a straight line with either a pen or a pencil on the paper.

Now take your loose diamond and turn it upside down on top of the line and look at it with a loupe.

If you can see the line that you just drew through the stone–you have a fake diamond.  If you can’t see the line, then you have a real diamond. The reason for this is that a diamond would bend the light so sharply that you would not be able to see the printed line under the stone.

The Weight Test

Another easy way to test whether or not your diamond is fake is to weigh the stone.  This is easier to do if the stone is loose. Weigh your stone, and if the weight of the stone doesn’t match the carats on the scale, then you have cubic zirconia. The reason for this is that CZ Is more dense than a diamond. A 2 carat cubic zirconia will visually look like less than a 1.5 carat diamond.

The Light Test

Another way to test is the light test. Cubic zirconia over-reflects color, so you will get more of a rainbow. It will look like the diamond will have been dipped in Windex. If you hold your stone up to the light and it looks like a rainbow, then you have a cubic zirconia stone!

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