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What is a Galaxy Diamond? The Answer Is Simple!

This post is all about a stunning galaxy diamond! What is a "galaxy diamond"? You have probably seen a galaxy diamond before and just did not realize that you were looking at one! A Galaxy Diamond is another name for a salt and pepper diamond. Salt and pepper diamonds are heavily included diamonds and get their name "salt and pepper diamonds" due to their flaked, peppery appearance. These have been traditionally considered undesirable diamonds, but recently, the desire for salt and pepper diamonds as an alternative to traditional diamonds has skyrocketed, and we've seen an massive increase in the number of requests for this unique and unusual diamond. This is evidenced in not only the increasing cost of salt and pepper diamonds but in the number of requests Concierge Diamonds has been receiving from clients to make this unique masterpieces. You can take a look at our salt and pepper diamond engagement ring designs here. While a salt and pepper diamond is fairly easy to distinguish from its flaked salt and pepper appearance, galaxy diamonds are a little more rare. The majority of salt and pepper diamonds are rose cut. For a closer look at what we mean take a look at this video: You can see that the majority of the salt and pepper diamonds are rose cut even though they come in a variety of shapes. Rose cut diamonds are called as such because they resemble a rose bud. They have a flat bottom and a variety of facets that rise to a single apex at the top of the diamond. It is believed that the rose cut was created in India. Since diamonds tend to be cut to preserve the most amount of carat weight relative to how well they can preserve the cut grade, most gem cutters opt to cut salt and pepper diamonds in the rose cut style because they are not bound by the same constraints they normally are bound to when cutting traditional diamonds. In addition to this, salt and pepper diamonds already have a rough hewn, natural look to them and the rose cut tends to lend itself to more rustic, vintage looking pieces of jewelry. Why is all of this important, when what you came here to find out was what a galaxy diamond is? Well, it's important to note that a galaxy diamond tends to be a full cut diamond, meaning not a rose cut. This means that the diamond has a culet, the bottom part of the diamond where the facets come to a close. See here for more information about the different parts of a diamond, including the crown, the pavilion, the girdle and more. As you can see from this enormous 25 carat stunning salt and pepper diamond, it's considered a galaxy diamond because it looks like thousands of tiny stars are encapsulated in the inky depths of this stunning stone. Of course, here's where the rarity of such an item like this drives the price up: where with a traditional salt and pepper rose cut diamond you can expect to save a bit of money, this rare galaxy diamond, nicknamed the Starry Night Diamond after Vincent Van Gogh's paining Starry Night, costs almost a quarter of a million dollars, not only for the size of this unique stone, but its incredible composition. Smaller versions of this stone are available in extremely limited quantities. For more info, contact us!
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