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We warranty all jewelry we sell to be free of manufacturer’s defects, and in the event that such a defect is discovered, we promise to correct it at no charge to the customer. However, the warranty is voided if a third party other than Concierge Diamonds makes alterations or adjustments to your jewelry, including sizing. We cannot be responsible or accountable for the actions of a third party. Clients are responsible for covering the round-trip cost of shipping the product to us in accordance with our shipping policies.

Our rings are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are warrantied for life. Your manufacturer’s warranty covers defects on the ring that are the fault of the manufacturer. However, there is a difference between a manufacturer’s defect and damage caused by daily wear and tear.

We are happy to repair rings and fine jewelry that have a lost stone due to normal wear and tear, but this kind of repair is rarely the result of a manufacturer’s defect, and most often a result of daily use.

Think of your ring as a brand-new set of tires: as the years and miles pile on, the metal will be worn down just like the rubber of your tire. Sooner or later, a little TLC will be needed.

Similarly, diamonds and metal aren’t indestructible, and your rings are inevitably going to take some knocks just due to the nature in which we live our lives, no matter how careful we are. We’re constantly knocking our hands against things: keyboards, doorknobs, walls, desks, car doors, etc. All that daily use is bound to cause some wear and tear on your ring, which is why regular servicing for your jewelry is critical.

Our Complimentary Servicing includes:
- Detailed inspection to assess any damages
- Ultrasonic ring cleaning

Our top craftsmen will do a detailed examination of the ring. That includes checking all prongs are tight (even melee stone prongs), checking for any stone damages, and checking for any metal damages. Any damages to the ring that is not from a manufacturer's defect will need to be assessed in our offices to determine a suitable charge. No additional work will be done without our client's approval of charge and detailed description of what's needed. Even though our rings are of exceptional quality, they’re not indestructible.

To use the car analogy again: if you never changed the oil or never rotated the tires, the car is bound to start running a little ragged, especially if you drive it every day.

On occasion there are manufacturer defects that cause diamonds to fall out of rings, but this more commonly happens in rings that are mass-produced overseas in factories that are not custom-made to your center stone. These rings also have less precious metal content and are more prone to breaking because of porosity. Porosity, tiny little holes in the metal, happens because these manufacturers cut their costs by aerating their precious metal mixtures (meaning they pump air into the metal mixtures) to lighten it and create more volume.

We are happy to inspect the ring and if we determine that the repair is covered under our warranty, we are happy to repair it. If the damage is found to be the fault of the wearer, we are still happy to complete the repair, but it will not be complimentary. All repairs must be approved by the client in writing for us to begin work.

We advise checking with your ring’s insurance to see if repairs not covered under warranty will be covered under your policy. Clients are responsible for the cost of round-trip shipping.


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