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How to Buy an Engagement Ring, As Seen in Bridal Guide Magazine

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Bridal Guide Magazine: Don’t Let a Wedding Scam Ruin Your Big Day

Dan Moran gives an interview to Bridal Guide Magazine about how to avoid being scammed when buying a diamond.

How Much Should You Spend on An Engagement Ring?

Buying an engagement ring should be fun, but how much should you spend?

Simple Ways to See if a Diamond is Fake

There are three simple ways to see whether or not you have a fake diamond on your hand: the line test, the weight test and the light test.

Engagement Ring Trends

Learn what current engagement ring trends are in style and what’s right for your bride-to-be.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Three very compelling reasons to not buy a lab grown diamond.

How to Get The Right Ring Size

Simple, easy ways to get the correct ring size for your engagement ring.