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The Four C’s of Diamonds: Carat Weight

The Four C’s of Diamonds: Carat

Of the 4 C's of diamonds, carat weight can be the easiest to explain. The carat weight of a stone is a direct indicator of its size; the more a diamond weighs, the larger it will be. Of course, the price of a diamond will increase as the carat weight increases. It’s important to understand it’s not a linear price increase: a 5-carat diamond won’t cost five times more than a 1-carat diamond; it could cost 100 times as much or more. When you’re shopping for a diamond you need to think about the curve of size versus price and think about where you want to be so you can stay in your budget while you trade off the other C’s.

For more information about how carat weight correlates to size, check out our blog article, “A Tale of Two Carats.

Check out our "Diamond Size Chart" for free to see how different carat weights correlate to diamond sizes.


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