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Buying Jewelry Off the Internet? You Should See This First - Things to Look Out For

Watch this video to learn the top things to look out for when buying jewelry online, such as Photoshopping the engagement ring images and aerating the metal to reduce the amount of gold used!

You should be aware that there is a correlation between quality and price when it comes to fine jewelry. You might get a really cheap gold or platinum band online, but you have to keep in mind that those ring are aerated, meaning they pump air into the metal to reduce the amount of precious metal content to keep the price down. What does that mean? Well, your rings will be porous, meaning there are holes in the metal creating by pumping air through it to make the gold content less. This is a bad way to make a ring and severely reduces its quality, durability and value. But this is often what is sold online to unsuspecting consumers.

So remember if you’re trying to save a few bucks on the rings, you’ll be sacrificing quality. Your wedding bands and your engagement ring are meant to last a lifetime. After the wedding is over, the food is gone and the guests have gone home, you’re left with the rings and the photos.

In a few years you won’t remember the extra few hundred dollars you spent on a ring, but you will be constantly servicing something poorly made and the expense of that will outweigh the money you saved by opting for the cheapest thing you find at the offset.

If you're ready to start making the custom ring of your dreams, contact us today! If you’re preparing to propose this year, be sure you do your homework and contact us! There’s a lot to cover, with topics such as: and of course… There's a lot to consider when designing your future bride’s dream engagement ring and it’s important to remember that one size does not fit all and not all diamonds are created equal. If you'd like to ask a diamond question feel free to reach out to us. Our diamond advice is free and I've helped thousands of couples get engaged. We'd love to work with you too! If you want more info but aren't ready to reach out, check out my free guide, How to Buy An Engagement Ring for tons of tips on how to buy a diamond and make the perfect custom ring and see how going custom and not working with a retailer can save you a ton of money on an engagement ring.
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