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What's The Difference Between Traditional Diamond Pave, U Pave and French Cut Pave?

What's The Difference Between Traditional Diamond Pave, U Pave and French Cut Pave?

This article explains the difference between types of diamond pave settings for engagement rings.

When shopping for an engagement ring, there are many details to consider such as the metal type you want, the center stone, and the design. But one small and often overlooked design detail that eludes many people shopping for an engagement ring or looking to design a custom engagement ring on their own are the different types of diamond pave you can have on your engagement ring.

This article will walk you through the difference between traditional or standard diamond pave, U pave, and French Cut pave.

But first – let’s address a very common question that people have when shopping for an engagement ring. What is diamond pave?

What is Diamond Pave?

The term diamond pave refers to the tiny little diamonds that are embedded on the shank of the engagement ring. Diamond pave is also in reference to any small diamond that could be on the halo of the engagement ring, whether a traditional style diamond halo or a hidden diamond halo.

It’s important to note that diamond pave are not “chips” of diamonds. Many people incorrectly refer to diamond pave as diamond chips or ice chips: this is an inaccurate description of what diamond pave actually is.

Diamond pave are very tiny little diamonds that have all been cut and polished just the same as larger diamonds are. Diamond pave can come in many different shapes but the most common shape of diamond pave is round.

It’s very important for the diamond pave to match the color of your center diamond, otherwise the ring will look off. Many large online retailers and retail stores mass produce premade settings and stick diamond pave in shank and then set center stones. This is a highly undesirable way to create an engagement ring, as you have no idea whether or not the diamond pave will be the same quality and clarity grade as your center stone.

At Concierge Diamonds, we hand select each single diamond pave stone be a color match to your center stone. We do this for all of our wedding bands as well to make sure that the color of the diamond wedding band is the same color as the center diamond. Anything less than this acute eye for detail will yield a ring that is poorly matched and an unappealing aesthetic.

Now that we’ve covered what diamond pave is, let’s talk about the different kinds of diamond pave most commonly used in engagement ring.

Traditional Diamond Pave

Traditional diamond pave looks like this:


Traditional diamond pave can be characterized as the standard small diamond pave on a ring. Its setting in the diamond engagement ring is the simplest style of diamond pave you can have, and therefore one of the more economical options. If you like simplicity and are trying to squeeze the most out of your budget and put it toward your center diamond, a traditional style of diamond pave might be the best diamond pave option for you.

This is what it looks like from the side:

U Pave Diamond Pave

Compare the difference to the photo of traditional diamond pave above to see what makes this style of pave distinctive. The U pattern of the stone setting and the small notched metal on either side of the stone is what makes this style of pave different than traditional diamond pave. U pave diamond pave exposes more of the diamond’s side and requires more labor to create the effect but clients do love it and claim it elevates the look of their engagement ring and is worth the additional expense.

French Cut Diamond Pave

French Cut Diamond Pave looks like this:


Whereas traditional diamond pave sits in the shank of the ring, U diamond pave creates a U shape in the setting, French cut diamond pave looks like small V’s are notched in either side of the stone. This look may not be favored by all but as it is the most labor intensive style of diamond pave, French Cut Diamond Pave is a look that is revered everywhere in the world and create a truly luxe and elegant effect with any style of diamond engagement ring.

What Kind of Diamond Pave is Right for Your Engagement Ring?

Now that you’re an expert on diamond pave, do you have a style that you prefer? Traditional Diamond Pave? U Diamond Pave? Or French Cut Diamond Pave?

If you’d like more information or to start creating the custom diamond engagement ring of your dreams, contact us today or use our DROP A HINT feature on our website to send the ring you’re dreaming about to your SO!

Here is what all three types of diamond pave look like, side by side.

In order: U Pave,  French Cut Pave, Traditional Pave 


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