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Work With A Diamond Expert to Create the Perfect Engagement Ring

Work With the Diamond Engagement Ring Expert Modern Luxury Calls The "Lord of The Rings"

Meet Dan Moran, third generation diamond dealer and expert (known on Reddit as u/_diamonddealer). Based in Los Angeles in the jewelry district, Dan has helped thousands of people get engaged and is well-known for his unique approach to selecting a diamond and creating an engagement ring. Dan has worked with people all over the world, in every range of budget. Dan believes an engagement ring shouldn't be something you buy off the rack, something 10,000 other people are wearing. It should be unique to your bride to be. Dan also believes that "friends shouldn't let friends pay retail", which is why Dan doesn't have a showroom, doesn't keep inventory and doesn't charge retail prices: he's a wholesaler. Everything Dan makes is custom-made in Los Angeles by master artisans, which is surprisingly less expensive than retail. Dan leverages his lifetime of experience to help you get the best value you can on a diamond and your engagement ring and he doesn't charge additional for his concierge services. When you work with Dan, whether in person or remotely, you have the benefit of a diamond expert working on your behalf to eliminate less-desirable diamonds and take the guess work out of selecting a stone - something that saves our clients valuable time and money. Fill out the consultation form for a free consultation with Dan.

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Working with Dan & Team

Dan and team are well-known for his different approach to buying a diamond. Here's what you can expect from both an in-person consultation and out of town consultation.

Our Promise to You

Buying an engagement ring should be a fun, relaxing process. After all, you're about to make a huge commitment! Here's our commitment to you and how we help take the edge off.

Engagement Ring Guide

We've compiled everything you need to know about buying an engagement ring into one handy guide. Download it for free.

The Four C's of Diamonds

If you're shopping for a ring, you've no doubt come across the Four C's. Here's a primer for each of the C's and how they work to create the fifth C of a diamond: "cost".

How To Properly Budget

Buying an engagement ring should be fun, but how much should you spend? There's a lot of misinformation online and it's our job to help set the record straight. Click to learn more.

Concierge Diamonds in the Media

From Brides, Bridal Guide Magazine, Modern Luxury, the Huffington Post and more, Dan Moran and Concierge Diamonds have been featured in numerous publications.

Frequently Asked Questions

From our policies, warranties, guarantees and shipping information, our FAQ section can help address your questions.

Our Video Library

Our video library is a wealth of information about diamond and engagement rings. Browse our videos for a variety of topics.

Client Engagement Pics

In addition to our client testimonials and reviews, our clients often send us photos of their engagements. Check them out here!


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