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Gay and Lesbian Wedding Rings & Bands (LGBTQ Rings)

Wedding bands and engagement rings for LGBTQ couples are just like for straight couples. Designs vary from the very, very basic to the very, very elaborate. LGBTQ weddings are a significant and growing part of the diamond and diamond ring industry in general and we're extremely proud to help our clients celebrate their love! And if you're ready to create your dream wedding set, contact us today!

Matching Wedding Bands A very popular style is to get identical wedding bands. You can do this in any color gold, as well as incorporate diamonds into the band.

Alternative Gemstones You don't need to propose marriage with a traditional white diamond! Look at colorful options such as amethysts, sapphires, black diamonds rubies and more.

Unique Rings When you make a custom engagement ring or wedding band you have the freedom to create whatever design you want. After all, it's your ring!

If you're ready to create your dream wedding set, contact us today for a free consultation! We work with clients all over the world. For more info check out this video we made:

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Gay and Lesbian Engagement Ring
Gay and Lesbian Wedding Band
Gay and Lesbian Wedding Rings
Gay engagement rings
Lesbian engagement rings
LGBT engagement rings
Rings for Gay Couples

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