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The Four C's of Diamonds - Which One Matters The Most - Rustic Wedding Chic

We're thrilled to partner with Rustic Wedding Chic to help you learn the Four C's of Diamonds before you spend your hard-earned money on an engagement ring.
Take a look at our interview on their website and learn how you can get a bigger, better diamond and avoid paying retail by using my simple, professional tips.
Want more advice? DM or email us! It's free to ask and could save you money on your ring and help you get the engagement ring of your dreams.
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The Four C’s of Diamonds – How to Buy A Diamond

Long before you can have the perfect wedding you need to have the perfect partner pop the question with the perfect ring. Today we are so happy to share some pretty important diamond advice from diamond expert, #DanMoran from Concierge Diamonds Inc. Dan who is located in Los Angeles, California has helped thousands of people to get engaged. His diamond advice has been featured in @bbcnews, @ModernLuxury, @Brides, @BridalGuide, @huffpost, @vogue and more.
Read the whole interview here and contact us for a free consultation.
Advice on the 4 Cs
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