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Salt and Pepper Diamonds

The Salt and Pepper Diamond

A Different Kind of Diamond

Diamonds come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. While traditional diamonds are always in demand, there has been a rise in interest for an unconventional stone known as the salt and pepper diamond. You might have seen them at jewelry stores or on the internet, but do you know what makes them unique? Keep reading to learn more about this trendy diamond.

Understanding The Stone

A salt and pepper diamond is unique because of its internal characteristics. Unlike traditional diamonds, which have a uniform cut and color, Salt and Pepper Diamonds have a unique feel to them, giving each one a distinctive look. They contain inclusions that give them the salt and pepper look, with speckles and patches of grey and black against a clear or white backdrop. The inclusions are what give these diamonds character and charm and set them apart from regular diamonds.

Enjoying a Unique Look

Known for having a more natural look compared to traditional diamonds, the salt and pepper style tends to attract people who appreciate individuality and uniqueness. The look of these diamonds gives them an antique and rustic feel, making them perfect for bohemian, vintage or antique-style jewelry lovers. The irregular design is said to reflect the character of the person who chooses to buy them.

Spending Less 

This style of diamond offers a more economical option compared to the traditional types of diamonds. The inclusions inside the diamond result in a lower price, making them easy on the pocket. Their affordability makes them the perfect choice for someone who wants to get a diamond ring but doesn't want to pay the hefty price tag for a standard diamond while at the same time enjoying the unique aspects and beauty of a salt and pepper diamond.

Wearing Worry-free

Salt and Pepper Diamonds are as hard as traditional diamonds, scoring 10 on the Mohs scale. Because of this, they can be worn daily, just like typical diamonds, without worrying about them being easily scratched or damaged. Caring for Salt & Pepper Diamonds is similar to how you would care for regular diamonds. You can use mild soap and warm water, or bring them to a jeweler to have them professionally cleaned if needed.

The Perfect Twist on a Classic

The salt and pepper diamond adds a little spice to the classic and timeless stone, making it an excellent option for those who appreciate the beauty in imperfection. Unique, affordable and durable, these diamonds are a great choice for trendsetting folks who love dazzling sparkle and quirky jewelry. Ask our team at Concierge Diamonds for help selecting a salt and pepper diamond today! 

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