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Ways to Make Your Diamond Look Bigger

Ways to Make Your Diamond Look Bigger from private jeweler and diamond expert Dan Moran of Concierge Diamonds

Engagement ring trends go in and out of style but good diamond advice is forever!

Many of you come to us asking for ways to make your diamond appear larger than it is. We've compiled our top list on how to accomplish this look yet still keep things within your budget. Read on for Dan Moran and Concierge Diamonds' best advice on how to make your diamond appear larger than it is and schedule a free consultation with us today!


Opt For Less Metal

The more metal you have on your ring, the more it will overshadow the diamond. Consider a setting that uses less metal either around the center diamond or on the band. A wider band will make your diamond look smaller, but a skinnier band will make it appear bigger. 


Don’t Skimp on Cut

Cut is the thing that makes a diamond sparkle and be beautiful. It’s the one C of the 4 C’s you should never skimp on. If you take a poorly cut stone to increase your carat weight, chances are more than likely you will regret it and end up not liking your stone.


Opt For a Halo

I can see your halo halo halo! Adding a single, double or even triple diamond halo to your ring can increase the perceived size of the center stone. Just be sure that the diamonds in the halo match the color of your center diamond, otherwise the halo will not match and your ring will look off! 


Select a Shape Other Than a Round

It’s true! Round diamonds are the most expensive diamond shape because you lose the most raw material when you make them. So in order to stretch your budget, consider working with a shape other than a round. 


Choose a Setting with Fewer Prongs

This goes back to our earlier point about less metal! If you have a smaller diamond, don’t hide it under a lot of prongs. If you cover up a lot of the diamond’s surface area with prongs, it will make it look smaller. 


Pick a Bright Metal

Setting your ring in a brighter metal will help your diamond to be sparklier. Diamonds are prisms and made to refract light. Literally, that is a diamond’s only job. Help your diamond do its job by giving it a bright metal setting and more light to reflect.
The power of many! Using a lot of diamonds can make a ring look bigger!

Make a Cluster Ring

If you cannot afford one large diamond, consider buying lots of smaller diamonds and making what is called a “cluster ring”. This is a design that incorporates lots of smaller stones to give the illusion of one large center diamond. 


Work With a Pro

Perhaps the best thing you can do to ensure you get the biggest diamond possible is to work with a pro! Working with a professional means that you have someone who can navigate you through the often confusing world of diamonds and help you figure out where to put your budget. You wouldn't trust a lawyer to do your plumbing, so why trust a piece of paper or an big box retailer over the eyes of a professional? Know your jeweler. Be sure to watch the video for more tips! And download the infographic "How to Make Your Diamond Look Bigger" by clicking here! Engagement season is almost here! Be sure to contact us today to start work on your custom, unique engagement ring handmade in Los Angeles!


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