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What's The One Thing You Need To Buy A Diamond? The Answer Will Surprise You!

What's The One Thing You Need To Buy A Diamond? The Answer Will Surprise You!

What's The One Thing You Need To Buy A Diamond?

Like a lot of people shopping for an engagement ring right now, you're probably overwhelmed by the amount of information you're uncovering about diamonds. You're learning about the 4 C's of Diamonds and probably getting deep in the weeds about what's the best crown angle, the best table and pavilion, etc etc. You're learning about all of these fancy tools and scoring systems that are supposed to help you pick the "best" diamond. And you're probably confusing yourself more than necessary! So stop, walk away from your spreadsheets and take a deep breath. It's great that you're educating yourself about how to buy a diamond, but you're missing one key element that you need in order to select the perfect diamond for your bride to be. And you're bogging yourself down with things that don't really help you pick the best diamond. So what are you missing?

What's the one thing you need to buy a diamond, either online or in person?

The answer is simple. The one thing you need to buy a diamond isn't massive amounts of research, certificates, or fancy tools created by people who are trying to sell their scoring system as the next big thing (and let's keep things in perspective, all grading systems are for-profit organizations and the creators of these scoring mechanisms are intended to sway people one way or the other). Bottom line is, you do not need all of that useless info. So what is the one thing you need to buy a diamond online? Simple. Expertise. Don't believe me? Check out my reviews online and see what this guy had to say about working with me on how to select the perfect diamond. How many times have you sifted through diamonds online, only to end up being more confused than you were before you started your hunt? And how many of those times did you wish you could just talk to a real person for some help? Even if you did speak to a rep, that person is more than likely not a diamond expert. They are sales person and reading their responses back to you via a script. Here's another fascinating little secret about the diamond industry-- Those websites that advertise having lots of diamonds in their inventory? Yeah, they don't have them. They have spreadsheets with information about the stones loaded to their website. They advertise like they have them so when you call or email them about a particular stone, they can tell you the stone either sold or they don't have it any more and offer you something different. So this is a problem for two reasons.
  1. You have wasted an inordinate amount of time searching for a diamond that isn't available to you.
  2. Their business practices are misleading because they are advertising one thing, and then offering you another.
Classic bait and switch. When I work with my clients, I curate a lineup of diamonds specific to each client's individual needs. And I have every single diamond I offer to my clients, even if another website purports to have it. Want to know how I know that? I have the diamonds sitting in my safe. There's another reason you should work with an expert to purchase a diamond: they can help you properly assess a diamond. You should never, ever trust the paperwork (diamond certificate) alone to buy a diamond. Why? Because diamonds are graded by people, and people make mistakes. For example - most people would be completely turned off by the L color grading given to this stone by GIA. But you should never trust the paperwork by itself! A piece of paper is not enough information to properly buy a diamond. The one thing you need is an expert on your side. This is one of the best L color diamonds we've ever seen and many people would just walk away from it because of what the paper said. That's doing yourself a disservice. If you're trying to stretch your budget to get a bigger diamond consider moving the needle slightly on one of the 4 C's: color, clarity, cut and carat weight. By going lower in color and clarity you can go bigger on carat weight! Working with a diamond expert can help you make the right call on a diamond.

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What's The Most Important of the 4 C's of Diamonds?

Cut. Never, ever skimp on cut. By working with a diamond expert, you can rely on their expertise to tell you if a stone is clean enough to your naked eye, if the color looks off, if the stone looks cloudy or hazy and that's why it's priced so cheap or a litany of other pitfalls and traps people fall into when selecting a diamond.
A piece of paper is not enough information to properly buy a diamond.
You wouldn't trust a lawyer to do your plumbing, so why trust a piece of paper over the eyes of a professional? Know your jeweler. So if you’re preparing to propose this year, be sure you do your homework and contact us! There’s a lot to cover, with topics such as: and of course… There's a lot to consider when designing your future bride’s dream engagement ring and it’s important to remember that one size does not fit all and not all diamonds are created equal. If you'd like to ask a diamond question feel free to reach out to us. Our diamond advice is free and I've helped thousands of couples get engaged. We'd love to work with you too! If you want more info but aren't ready to reach out, check out my free guide, How to Buy An Engagement Ring for tons of tips on how to buy a diamond and make the perfect custom ring and see how going custom and not working with a retailer can save you a ton of money on an engagement ring.


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