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The Four C’s of Diamonds: Cut

The Four C’s of Diamonds: Cut

There are two aspects to cut. The first one is simple: what shape do you want? Round? Oval? Princess? If you don’t know yet, click here to compare different cuts of diamonds.

The complex aspect to cuts is that for each given shape, it’s well understood how they are supposed to be cut. There is a mathematical process that diamond cutters use when cutting the stones: they know the angles they are supposed to cut, where the facets are supposed to meet, and the proportions each facet should have. With today’s technology, we can measure these facets very precisely.

So why do we care about cut? A diamond doesn’t have performance value like a car. A diamond’s only job is to sparkle and is designed to refract as much light as possible. And it’s the cut that makes it do that. So why not cut the stones the same way every single time since we have tools and processes to do this?As I’ve said, diamonds are products of nature and not impervious to imperfections. When a diamond cutter cuts a stone, he may have to compromise on the cut of the stone. When you cut a stone, you’re removing materials, therefore decreasing the carat weight and ultimately the value of the stone. So the cutter has to balance the quality of the cut against the carat weight.

Cut is extremely important because a diamond’s only job is to sparkle, and the sparkle is in the cut. So if you’re considering buying a poorly cut diamond just because it’s cheaper, just buy a piece of glass for $15 and save yourself the trouble. But something tells me your bride-to-be probably won’t appreciate that as much. Please remember - it’s the cut that unlocks the beauty of the stone. Take a so-so rough diamond and cut it perfectly, and it will look beautiful. Take a top-of-the-line rough diamond and cut it poorly, and it will look like garbage.


Here's a little primer for the "best" cuts for round diamonds.

GIA calls them "Triple X", EGL USA calls them "Ideal".

The ideal table / depth proportions in a round diamond are:

Table: between 54 - 60
Depth: between 58 - 62

Anything in between those proportions is best.


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